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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 2558
Asia Dioshieron Tiberius ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ laureate head of Tiberius (?), right ΔΙΟΣΙΕΡΙΤΩΝ laureate head of Zeus, right
I 2558AA
Asia Dioshieron Tiberius ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ laureate head of Tiberius (?), right ΔΙΟϹΙΕΡΙΤΩΝ Zeus standing, left, with patera
I 2562
Asia Dioshieron ΔΙΟΣΙΕΡΙΤΩΝ eagle standing, right, looking left ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ capricorn with cornucopia, left
I 2640
Asia Tralles ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ head of Helios, right ΝΙΚΟΜΗΔΗΣ Nike in biga, right
I 2641
Asia Tralles ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ veiled head, right ΝΙΚΟΜΗΔΗΣ laureate head of Zeus, right
I 2642
Asia Tralles ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ head of Apollo, right ΝΙΚΟΜΗΔΗΣ inscription in wreath
I 2643
Asia Tralles ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ Nike, right, with palm and wreath laureate head of Zeus, right
I 2644
Asia Tralles ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ inscription in wreath eagle standing facing, head right, wings spread, on thunderbolt
I 2645
Asia Tralles laureate head of Zeus, right ΔΙΟΣ ΛΑΡΑΣΙΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ humped bull, left
I 2664
Asia Nysa ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ laureate head of Augustus (?) or Tiberius (?), right ΦΙΛΟΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΓΡΑΜ ΤΟ Β ΝΥΣΑΕΩΝ inscription in five lines within wreath
I 2665
Asia Nysa Agrippina II ; Claudius ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟΙ laureate portrait of Claudius (?) and draped bust of Agrippina II (?), jugate, right ΝΥϹΑΕΩΝ ΧΑΙΡΗΜΩΝ Pluto and Kore in quadriga, right
I 2671
Asia Nysa ΔΗΜΟΣ ΝΥΣΑΕΩΝ bearded head of Demos, right ΝΥΣΑΕΩΝ ΙΟΥΛΙΟΣ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟΣ ΙΕΡΕΟΥΣ, ΚΟΡΗ Kore, veiled, standing, left, with sceptre
I 2671AA
Asia Nysa ΔΗΜΟΣ ΝΥΣΑΕΩΝ bearded head of Demos, right ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΔΙΟ[ ] Dionysus standing facing, head left, holding cantharus and long thyrsus
I 2671BB
Asia Nysa bust of Mên, right ΝΥϹΑΕωΝ in two lines in wreath
I 2671CC
Asia Nysa [ ] laureate (?), draped and cuirassed bust of ???, right, seen from rear ΝΥΣΑΕΩΝ ΒΑΚΧΙΟΣ ΙΝ[ ][(?) male (?) figure standing right, raising hand over head and stretching out other hand
I 2672
Asia Mastaura ΜΑΣΤΑΥΡ(Ε)ΙΤΩΝ goddess, standing left, holding patera and torch ΣΩΖΩΝ Apollo, standing front, holding plectrum and resting hand on lyre on column; to right, bow and quiver
I 2679
Asia Briula ΒΡΙΟΥΛΕΙΤΩΝ eagle standing facing, head, right thyrsus
I 2680
Asia Samos forepart of bull, right ΣΑΜΙΩΝ prow, right
I 2681
Asia Samos Augustus laureate head of Augustus (?), right ΣΑΜΙΩΝ peacock standing on caduceus, right; behind, sceptre
I 2682AA
Asia Samos [ ] laureate and draped bust, right ϹΑΜΙΩΝ cult statue of Samian Hera standing, right, wearing kalathos, having fillets