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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 655
Sicily Lilybaeum ΛΙΛΥΒΑΙΙΤΑΙϹ veiled and turreted head, r., within triangular ornament ΑΤΡΑΤΙΝΟ ΠΥΘΙΩΝ tripod with serpent coiled around
I 661
Sicily Henna L MVNATIVS M CESTIVS veiled head of Ceres with corn ears, l.; behind, torch MVN HENNAE Pluto and Proserpina in quadriga, r.
I 662
Sicily Henna MVN HENNA-E female head (Proserpina?), r. M CESTIVS L MVNATIVS II VIR naked male figure (Triptolemus), wearing cloak, standing l. with outstretched hand
I 663
Sicily Henna MVN HENNAE head of Bacchus wreathed with ivy, r. M CESTIVS L MVNATIVS IIVIR butting bull, l.
I 664
Sicily Henna MVN HENNAE wreathed head of Apollo, r. M CES L MVN II [VIR] swan, r.
I 665
Sicily Assorus ASSORV laureate head of Apollo, r. CRVSAS river god standing, l., with amphora and cornucopia
I 666
Sicily Assorus female head with stephane, r. ASSORV oxen ploughing, r.
I 667
Sicily Centuripae monogram? CENTVR branch
I 670AA
Sicily Tyndaris M VIPSEN DOS II VIR EX D D two pilei A POMP A F L II VIR COL TVN dolphin and rudder, l.
I 671
Sicily Uncertain Sicilian mint MAGN(VS) laureate head of Janus, with features of Cn. Pompeius Magnus PIVS (above); IMP (below) prow, r
I 672
Sicily Melita ΜΕΛΙΤΑΙΩΝ veiled head (Astarte?) with stephane, l. C ARRVNTANVS BALB PROPR curule chair
I 673
Sicily Melita veiled female head (Astarte?) with stephane, r. MELITAS tripod
I 674
Sicily Melita veiled female head (Astarte?) with stephane, l. MELITAS tripod
I 675
Sicily Cossura female head (Isis?), crowned by Nike, r.; before modius (?) COSSVRA sign of Tanit; in wreath
I 676
Sicily Cossura female head (Isis?), crowned by Nike, l.; before modius (?) COSSVRA in wreath
I 857
Mauretania Tingi IVL TINGI, IV VIR D EX DD two ears of corn Q FABIVS FABVLLVS L AVRELIVS SENECA head of Baal facing; behind, transverse sceptre
I 858
Mauretania Tingi ear of corn IVL TINGI
I 859
Mauretania Tingi EX D D diademed female head (Venus-Astarte?), r.; all in a laurel wreath L AEMI L VAL AED; (around) Q FAB FABVL C IVL ATTIC IV between two ears corn
I 860
Mauretania Tingi IVL TINGI FABVLLVS ANTISTIVS IV VIR E D D female head crowned with corn (Ceres?), l. L BAEBIVS COSA M CLODIVS L M AID two ears of corn
I 861
Mauretania Tingi TING MAIOR SIMINT IIVIR two ears of corn AEMIL POL AED head of Baal-Melqart, r.