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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 1229
Achaea Corinth CORINT dolphin, right trident
I 1230
Achaea Corinth CORINT dolphin, right wreath
I 4478
Syria Aradus draped and radiate bust of Helios, right ΑΡΑΔΙΩΝ, ϹΛΑ, 𐤀𐤌 two ears of corn and vine branch with grapes, various letters
I 4026BB
Syria Aegeae draped bust of Athena, right ΑΙΓΕΑΙΩΝ, ΕΡ, ΔΙ goat, reclining left; above, letters; to left or right, date
I 4510
Syria Tripolis Cleopatra VII draped bust of Cleopatra, right ΤΡΙΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ LB prow, right, with Nike holding wreath and palm; in field, star
I 1551
Macedonia Thessalonica ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΕΩΝ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑΣ, Ε (to l. or r.) draped bust of Eleutheria, right; Μ ΑΝΤ ΑΥΤ Γ ΚΑΙ ΑΥΤ Nike advancing, left, with wreath and palm
I 3140
Asia Eumenea draped bust of Eros, right ΦΟΥΛΟΥΙΑΝΩΝ ΖΜΕΡΤΟΡΙ inscription in ivy wreath
I 2004AA
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope draped bust of Luna, right; behind her shoulders, crescent [C] I C [A] D [D] Victory standing left, holding wreath and palm
I 3517AA
Galatia Uncertain mint of Pisidian(?) colony CO·IVL·CIN (sic) draped bust of Mercury with caduceus, right FERIDIVS IIVIR EX D D sella curulis between fasces
I 2574
Asia Ephesus Octavia draped bust of Octavia, right ΑΡΧΙΕ ΓΡΑΜ ΓΛΑΥΚΩΝ ΕΦΕ bee
I 601
Italy Uncertain mint in North Italy CAESAR DIC TER draped bust of Victory, right; (behind, star) C CLOVI PRAEF Minerva standing, left, with trophy and spear and shield; before serpent
I 152
Tarraconensis Carthago Nova L IVNIVS II VIR QVIN(Q) AVG(VR) eagle standing on thunderbolt, right; in front, lituus L ACILIVS II VIR QVIN(Q) AVG(VR) patera, jug, and lituus
I 858
Mauretania Tingi ear of corn IVL TINGI
I 501
Gallia Belgica Treveri A HIRTIVS elephant, right priestly attributes: apex, securis, sprinkler and simpulum
I 502
Gallia Belgica Treveri CARINA (retrograde) elephant, right priestly attributes: apex, securis, sprinkler and simpulum
I 1648
Macedonia Philippi A I C V P facing head of uncertain figure Q PAQVIVS RVF LEG C D plough
I 676
Sicily Cossura female head (Isis?), crowned by Nike, left; before modius (?) COSSVRA in wreath
I 675
Sicily Cossura female head (Isis?), crowned by Nike, right; before modius (?) COSSVRA sign of Tanit; in wreath
I 149
Tarraconensis Carthago Nova HEL POLLIO ALBINVS II Q(V) (or ALBINVS HEL POLLIO II QV) female head (of Concordia?), right, wearing veil and diadem SABINVS C M IMP trophy
I 263
Tarraconensis Lepida-Celsa COL VIC IVL LEP female head (of Venus?), right L NEP L SVRA PR II VIR bull, right