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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 1778AA
Thrace Byzantium Tiberius ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟϹ ΚΑΙ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ laureate head of Tiberius, right [ ] crescent and star
I 1779
Thrace Byzantium Augustus ΘΕΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ bare head of Augustus, left ΘΕΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΑ, ΒΥΖ draped bust of Livia, right
I 1779AA
Thrace Byzantium Augustus ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ ΘΕΟΥ radiate head of Augustus, left ΕΠΙ ΑΓΑΛΛΕΩΣ ΗΡΟΞΕΝΟΥ torch decorated with bands
I 1779BB
Thrace Byzantium Germanicus ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ [ ] laureate head of Tiberius, right ΕΠΙ ΑΓΑΛΛΕΩΣ ΗΡΟΞΕΝΟΥ around wreath
I 1779CC
Thrace Byzantium Livia ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΑ draped head of Livia, right [ΕΠΙ ΑΓΑΛΛ]ΕΩΣ ΗΡΟΞΕΝ[ΟΥ] three corn ears
I 1779DD
Thrace Byzantium Germanicus ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ bare head of Germanicus, right ΕΠΙ ΑΓΑΛΛΕΩΣ ΗΡΟΞΕΝΟΥ trident between two dolphins
I 1786
Thrace Calchedon Tiberius ]ΕΡΙΟ[ ]ΕΒΑΣ[ (?) laureate head of Tiberius, left ΚΑΛΧΑΔΟΝΙΩΝ tripod
I 1824
Moesia Tomis Tiberius ΤΙΒΗΡΙΟϹ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ (sic) head of Tiberius (?) ΤΟΜΙΤΩΝ Hermes standing, left
I 1828
Moesia Tomis Tiberius ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑ[ ] laureate head, right ΤΟΜΙ, ΧΑΙΡΟΞΕΝΟΥ Nike with wreath and palm, on globe, left
I 1829
Moesia Tomis Tiberius ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟ[ ]ΚΑΙϹΑΡΟϹ laureate head, right ΤΟΜΙ, ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΥ in wreath
I 1829AA
Moesia Tomis Tiberius [ ] laureate head of Tiberius, right ΤΟ[ΜΙ], ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟ[Υ] wreath
I 1831AA
Moesia Tomis Tiberius ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ [ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ Κ] laureate head, right ΤΟΜΙ [Χ]ΑΙΡΙ[?]ΝΟΥ Nike advancing left
I 1936AA
Northern Black Sea Chersonesus ΧΕΡ laureate head of Chersonas, left ΠΑΡ ΒΝ maiden standing, left, with bow and arrow
I 2017
Bithynia-Pontus Caesarea Germanica Germanicus ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΚΤΙΣΤΗΣ bare head of Germanicus, right ΚΑΙΣΑΗΑ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΗ view of city gate, in exergue monogram
I 2064
Bithynia-Pontus Nicomedia Germanicus ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ bare head of Germanicus, right ΕΠΙ ΠΟΠΛΙΟΥ ΟΥΙΤΕΛΛΙΟΥ ΑΝΘΥΠΑΤΟΥ, Μ Ν(Ε)ΙΚΟΜΗΔΕΩΝ inscription
I 2125AA
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Augustus DIVO AVGVSTO EX DD laureate head of Divus Augustus, left; in left field, thunderbolt AVG [ ] C I F AN LXIIII male figure standing left, holding patera over altar
I 2126
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Augustus EX [D D] radiate head of Augustus, left; to left, thunderbolt C I F AN LXIII[ seated figure of Livia
I 2127
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Drusus Caesar DRVSO CAESARI bare head of Drusus, right EX D D C I F AN LXIIII inscription in wreath
I 2150
Bithynia-Pontus Amisus Tiberius ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ laureate head of Tiberius, left ΑΜΙΣΟΥ ΕΤΟΥΣ Ξ Dikaiosyne seated, left, with scales
I 2151
Bithynia-Pontus Amisus ΑΜΙΣΟΥ helmeted bust of Athena, right ΕΤΟΥΣ Ξ owl standing, left