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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 914
Asia Mytilene ϹΕΞΤΟϹ ΝΕΟϹ ΜΑΚΑΡ bare head of Sextus, right ΑΝΔΡΟΜΕΔΑ ΝΕΑ ΛΕϹΒΩ bust of Andromeda, right
IV.2 1792 (temporary)
Asia Mytilene ϹΕΞϹΤοΝ ΗΡΩΑ draped bust of Sextos (bearded), right ΦΛΑ ΝΕΙΚοΜΑΧΙϹ ΜΥΤΙ(ΛΗ) draped bust of Flavia Nikomachis, right
III 1691
Asia Mytilene Sabina ϹΑΒΙ-ΝΑ ϹΕΒΑ draped bust of Sabina, right ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙωΝ Artemis walking right, drawing arrow from quiver with her right hand, holding bow in her left
III 1692
Asia Mytilene Sabina ϹΑΒΙ-ΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹ draped bust of Sabina, right ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙωΝ Apollo standing left, holding a laurel-branch in his right hand and lyre set on a column with left