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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.2 9236 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΕΙΚΕΩΝ Nike advancing, left, holding wreath and palm-branch ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΕΙΚΕΩΝ in laurel wreath
IV.2 1518 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea ϹΤΡΑΤοΝΕΙΚΕωΝ nude Bellerophon standing, left, holding bridle of Pegasus, galloping, left ϹΤΡΑΤοΝΕΙΚΕωΝ decorated and lighted altar; between two torches
IV.2 25111 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΙΚΕΩΝ radiate Zeus Panamaros on horseback, right, holding patera, carrying transverse sceptre over shoulder ΨΗΦΙϹΑΜΕΝΟΥ ΦΛΑΥΒΙΟΥ ΔΙΟΜΗΔΟΥϹ Hecate riding on lion, left, radiate lion's head, right
II 1213
Asia Orthosia ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ draped bust of Senate, right ΟΡΘΩϹΙΕΩΝ Hades and Persephone in quadriga, right
VII.1 629.2
Asia Aphrodisias ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ diademed head of the Senate, right ΑΦΡΟΔΕΙϹΙΕΩΝ Aphrodite standing left, holding apple and sceptre
VII.1 630.2
Asia Aphrodisias ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ diademed head of the Senate, right ΑΦΡΟΔΕΙϹΙΕΩΝ three leafless branches arising from enclosure; on either side, male figure in Phrygian costume, the one on left threatening tree with double axe, the one on right averting face
X — (unassigned; ID 73183)
Phrygia-Caria Antioch ad Maeandrum ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ draped bust of the Senate, right ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ temple with four columns, with arcuated lintel, enclosing statue of Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia
I 2834
Asia Antioch ad Maeandrum Uncertain ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ bare head of Augustus (?) or Tiberius (?). right ΠΑΙΩΝΙΟΥ ϹΥΝΑΡΧΙΑ ΑΝΤΙ-ΟΧΕΩΝ Athena, standing left, holding spear and shield
I 2839
Asia Aphrodisias Tiberius ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ laureate head of Tiberius, right ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟϹ ΥΙΟϹ ΠΟΛΕΩϹ temple of Aphrodite
I 2867
Asia Apollonia Salbace Caligula ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ bare head of Caligula (?), right ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΑΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟϹ ΚΩΚΟΥ Zeus seated, left, with Nike and sceptre
II 1225
Asia Aphrodisias ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ laureate male head, right, facing draped female bust ΑΦΡΟΔΕΙΣΙΕΩΝ Tyche of Aphrodisias seated, left, holding cult statue and sceptre