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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 1205
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Trajan [ ] ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟϹ ΑΡΙϹ[ ] laureate head of Trajan, right ΑΜ[ ] ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΙΤ[ΩΝ] eagle on globe standing facing, head left
II 724
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope [ ]AVG GER laureate head, right [ ]ANNO C[ ]X female figure standing, left, holding apple(?) and sceptre
III 1223
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Hadrian [ ]NVS AVGVSTVS laureate and draped bust of Hadrian, right, seen from rear C I F S ANN CLXXV draped bust of Sarapis, right
VI 6460 (temporary)
Galatia Ionopolis Abonoteichos Julia Mamaea [...] ΜΑΜΑΙΑ ϹΕΒ draped bust of Julia Mamaea, right ΙΩΝΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ Demeter standing facing, head left, holding corn ears and long sceptre
I 2119
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Augustus [C I F AN] XXXVII bare head of Augustus, right EX D D jugate heads of Gaius and Lucius, right
II 721
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Domitian [DOMIT]IANVS CAESAR AVG [F CO]S IT[ER] laureate bust of Domitian, right C I FE AN CXXII bearded head in archaistic style of Bacchus
II 723BB
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Domitian [IMP C]AES DO[ ] laureate head of Domitianus, right C I F AN CXXXIV Isis standing, left, holding sistrum (?) in right hand and transverse sceptre in left
III 1215
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Nerva [IMP NERVA CAE]SAR AVG P M TR COS III P P laureate head of Nerva, right C I F AN CXLI Roma standing facing, head left, holding spear in her right hand, her left resting on shield set on a small base (altar?)
VI 30679 (temporary)
Galatia Sinope Severus Alexander [SEV] ALEXAND A[VG] laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander, right, seen from rear C I F S A CCXCIII draped bust of Sarapis, right
IV.3 4914 (temporary)
Galatia Gangra-Germanicopolis Marcus Aurelius ΥΤ ΚΑΙ]ϹΑΡ [Μ] ΑΥΡ ΑΝ[Τ]ωΝ[Ε]ΙΝοϹ (?) laureate head of Marcus Aurelius with traces of drapery(?), right ΕϹΤΙΑ Ζ Α (Α with curved crossbar) Hestia seated, left, holding bunch of grapes(?) in right hand, holding up veil with left hand
IV.1 5410 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Marcus Aurelius ΥΤ] Κ Μ ΑΥΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΑΝΤΩ[ΝΕΙΝΟϹ] laureate head of Marcus Aurelius, right ΑΜΑϹΤΡΙΑΝΩΝ Tyche standing, left, holding rudder and cornucopia
IV.1 5394 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Marcus Aurelius ΥΗΡΟϹ] ΚΑΙϹΑΡ bare-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius (lightly bearded - short beard) wearing cuirass and paludamentum, right ΑΜΑϹΤΡΙΑΝΩΝ Asclepius standing, facing, head, left, holding serpent-staff
IV.1 6503 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Faustina II [ΦΑΥ?]ϹΤΕΙΝΑ ΝΕΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ draped bust of Faustina II, right ΑΜΑϹ[ΤΡΙ]ΑΝΩΝ Artemis advancing, right, drawing arrow from quiver at shoulder, holding antler of stag jumping behind her, right
IV.1 1936 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Antoninus Pius ] CAES ANToNINVS bare(?) head of Antoninus Pius, right C I F ANN CLXXXII (facing outward, L shaped as I) herm standing on base, facing, extending arms
IV.1 4933 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Antoninus Pius ] M(?) HAD ANTONINVS A[VG] laureate head of Antoninus Pius, right C I F S AN CLXXXV (V shaped as U) Sarapis reclining on couch, left, holding eagle and long transverse sceptre
IV.1 11103 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope Antoninus Pius ] [AD?] AN[ laureate head of Antoninus Pius (or bust wearing cuirass and paludamentum?), right ] [C]LXXXVI draped bust of Sarapis wearing kalathos, right
IV.1 5406 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Marcus Aurelius ] [ΑΥ]ΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΑΝΤΩΝ[ laureate head of Marcus Aurelius, right ΑΜΑϹΤΡΙΑΝΩΝ winged Nemesis standing, right, holding bridle and cubit
IV.1 9674 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Amastris Marcus Aurelius ] ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝοϹ ΟΥΗ[ bare head of Marcus Aurelius with traces of drapery, right ΑΜ[Α]ϹΤΡΙΑΝΩΝ Hygieia standing, left, feeding serpent from patera
IV.1 3548 (temporary)
Bithynia-Pontus Ionopolis Abonoteichos Marcus Aurelius ] ΚΑΙϹΑΡ bare head of Marcus Aurelius (youthful - lightly bearded), left ΑΒΩΝΟΤΕΙΧΕΙΤΩ Hermes standing, left, holding purse, caduceus and chlamys
IV.3 4926 (temporary)
Galatia Pompeiopolis Marcus Aurelius ] Μ ΑΥΡ ΑΝΤωΝΕΙΝΟϹ laureate-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius wearing cuirass, right [ΜΗΤΡΟ]ΠΟ ΠΑΦΛ ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛΙϹ Tyche standing, left, wearing kalathos, holding rudder and cornucopia topped with a ram