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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
VIII — (unassigned; ID 70214)
Macedonia Thessalonica ΘƐϹϹΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ turreted, veiled and draped bust of Tyche, r. ΚΑΒƐΙΡΟϹ Kabeiros standing l., holding rhyton and hammer
I 1649
Macedonia Philippi A I C V P urn Q PAQVI RVF LEG C D in wreath
VII.2 532
Macedonia Pella COLO[NIA] veiled and draped bust of Fortuna, r. PELLENSI[S] Pan standing l., r. foot on rock, holding syrinx and pedum
II 303
Macedonia Stobi BONA FORTV veiled and turreted head of city-goddess, r. MV/NIC / STO/B within laurel wreath
I 1634
Macedonia Amphipolis Livia ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ ΘΕΑ veiled head of Livia, r. ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ Artemis Tauropolos on bull, r.
II 302AA
Macedonia Stobi STOBENSIVM Victory standing r., on globe, holding wreath and trophy MVNICIPI ox to r.
II 301
Macedonia Stobi (M-V) Victory standing, l., on globe, holding wreath and trophy STOBENSIVM ox to r.
II 302
Macedonia Stobi MVNICIP Victory standing, l., on globe, holding wreath and trophy STOBENSIVM ox to r.
I 1651
Macedonia Philippi VIC AVG Victory with wreath and palm, l., on base COHOR PRAE PHIL three standards
I 1530
Macedonia Uncertain mint of Macedonia M FICTORIVS M SEPTVMIV IIVIR QVI view of city M FICTORIVS M SEPTVMIVS IIVIR QVINQ Amazon shield
IV.1 10902 (temporary)
Macedonia Koinon of Thessaly wheat grain on stalk, between the two open halves of its husk ΘƐϹϹΑΛⲰΝ
II 303BB
Macedonia Stobi MVN wolf and twins STOB two crossed cornucopias; star in the centre
III 623
Macedonia Thessalonica Βearded and horned Pan, naked but mantle over left arm, standing l., protecting himself from the sun with his right arm, holding pedum in l. hand ΘΕϹ/ϹΑΛΟ/ΝΙΚΕ/ⲰΝ in four lines within laurel wreath; (above inscription, eagle looking r.)