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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 652
Sicily Segesta Augustus ΕΓΕΣΤΑΙΩΝ head of Augustus, right Aeneas carrying palladium and Anchises, left; above, crescent; behind, eagle
I 637
Sicily Panormus D D lighthouse or tower altar
I 5452
Sicily Panormus Drusus Caesar DRV bare head of Drusus, right GER bare head of Germanicus, right
I 667
Sicily Centuripae monogram? CENTVR branch
I 654
Sicily Entella ΑΤΡΑΤΙΝΟΥ head of Dionysus, right ΕΝΤΕΛΛΙΝΩΝ bunch of grapes
I 663
Sicily Henna MVN HENNAE head of Bacchus wreathed with ivy, right M CESTIVS L MVNATIVS IIVIR butting bull, left
I 644
Sicily Panormus Augustus PAN(H)ORMITANORVM radiate head of Tiberius, left before, thunderbolt; above, star CN DO(MI) PROC(VL) A LAETO(R) IIVIR capricorn, right; below, triskeles
I 641AA
Sicily Panormus ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ veiled head of Homonoia, right ΠΑΝΟΡΜΙΤΑΝ cornucopia
I 672
Sicily Melita ΜΕΛΙΤΑΙΩΝ veiled head (Astarte?) with stephane, left C ARRVNTANVS BALB PROPR curule chair
I 650
Sicily Segesta M VIPS DOSS II[ two pilei with stars dolphin
I 650AA
Sicily Tyndaris M VIPS DOSS II[ two pilei with stars EX DD dolphin
I 670AA
Sicily Tyndaris M VIPSEN DOS IIVIR EX D D two pilei A POMP A F L IIVIR COL TVN dolphin and rudder, left
I 649
Sicily Segesta C IVLIVS C F LONGVS IIVIR two pilei with stars EX D D dolphin, right
I 648
Sicily Segesta M VIPSANO ATHENAEO[ jugate heads of Dioscuri, right; above stars C IVLIO DIONYSIO IIVIRIS EX D D dolphin, right, and aplustre
I 640
Sicily Panormus Augustus ΠΑΝΟΡΜΙΤΑΝ bare head of Augustus, left eagle, facing, holding animal (?) in claws
I 658
Sicily Agrigentum Augustus ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤΙΝΩΝ head (of Augustus?), right ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤΙΝΩΝ head (of Agrippa?), right
I 634
Sicily Cephaloedium C AE(?) DOM laureate head of Heracles, right ΚΕ-ΦΑ Heracles standing, left, holding club and lionskin
I 635
Sicily Cephaloedium C CANINIVS [IIVIR?] head, right (of Caninius?) ΚΕ-ΦΑ Heracles standing, left, holding club and lionskin
I 653
Sicily Entella ΑΤΡΑΤΙΝΟΥ radiate head of Helios, right ΕΝΤΕΛΛΙΝωΝ Homonoia standing facing, head left, holding patera and cornucopia
I 639AA
Sicily Panormus ram, right ΠΑΝΟΡΜΙ in two lines in wreath