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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 2810
Moesia Callatis Vespasian ΚΑΙϹΑΡ laureate head of Vespasian, right [ ] ΔΟΜ bare heads of Titus and Domitian facing one another; in centre, dot and monogram ΚΑ
I 1841AA
Moesia Istrus Claudius ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ laureate head of Claudius, right [ ] eagle attacking dolphin
I 1841BB
Moesia Istrus Head of Dionysus, right; behind, thyrsus [ ] eagle left and dolphin
I 1823AA
Moesia Tomis [ ] ΚΑΙΣΑΡ bare head (of Augustus?), right [ ]ΜΙ temple with four columns; inside, an eagle on altar
I 1827AA
Moesia Tomis Caligula ΓΑΙΟϹ ΚΑ laureate head of Caligula, right [ΤΟΜΙ]ΤωΝ eagle standing right, head left, between caps of Dioscuri
I 1801BB
Moesia Dionysopolis bearded head of Great God, right ΔΙΟΝΥϹΟΠΟΛΕΙ cornucopia
I 1801AA
Moesia Dionysopolis veiled head of Demeter, right; to right, torch ΔΙΟΝΥϹΟΠΟΛΙΤωΝ in wreath
I 1841CC
Moesia Istrus laureate head, right ΙΣΤΡΙΗΝ[ ] eagle right and dolphin
II 401AaAa
Moesia Callatis head of Heracles, right ΚΑΛ club, five rays star and bow in case
II 401AbAb
Moesia Callatis laureate head of Heracles, right ΚΑΛ/ΛΑΤΙ(Α) club and three ears of corn
II 401AcAc
Moesia Callatis laureate head of Heracles, right; on right, K ΚΑΛ/ΛΑΤΙ(Α) club and three ears of corn
II 401AdAd
Moesia Callatis laureate head of Heracles, right ΚΑΛΛΑ club and bow in case
I 1802
Moesia Callatis Nero NERO CAESAR AVG IMP head of Nero, right ΚΑΛΛΑΤΙΑΝωΝ in wreath
I 1802AA
Moesia Callatis veiled and draped bust of Demeter, right; to left and right, ear of corn ΚΑΛΛΑΤΙΑΝωΝ in wreath
I 1802BB
Moesia Callatis veiled bust of Demeter, right ΚΑΛΛΑΤΙΑΝωΝ ear of corn between two poppies
II 401
Moesia Odessus Domitian [ ] laureate head of Domitian, right Ο-ΔΗ/Σ-ΙΤ cornucopia within wreath; in left field, bunch of grapes
I 1801
Moesia Odessus Augustus head, right (of Augustus?) ΟΔΗΣΙΤ and cornucopia in wreath
II 402
Moesia Tomis Vespasian ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΟΥΕϹΠΑϹΙΑΝΟϹ / ΤΟΜΙ laureate head of Vespasian, right ΤΙΤΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ bare head of Titus, right, facing bare head of Domitian, left
II 409
Moesia Tomis head of Hermes, right ΤΟ-ΜΕΙ / ΑΘΑΝΕ caduceus
II 410
Moesia Tomis laureate head of Zeus, right ΤΟ-ΜΕΙ/ΤΩΝ eagle standing facing, head left, on thunderbolt, between caps of Dioscuri