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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.4 3576
Egypt Alexandria Commodus Λ ΑΙΛ ΑΥ[Ρ Κ]Ο[Μ] ϹΕ ΕΥϹΕ ΕΥΤΥ laureate head of Commodus, right [L] ΛΓ serpent (Agathodaemon) erect, right, crowned with skhent, enfolding caduceus
IV.4 3577
Egypt Alexandria Commodus Μ ΑΥΡΗ ΚΟ]ΜΜ[Ο?] ΑΝ[ΤωΝΙΝΟϹ ϹΕ (?) laureate-headed bust of Commodus wearing cuirass and paludamentum, right, seen from front [ ] Ares in military dress, wearing crested helmet, standing, facing, head, left, holding spear and parazonium
IV.4 3578
Egypt Alexandria Commodus Μ Α ΚΟ ΑΝΤ[ω?] ϹΕΒ ΕΥϹΕΒΗϹ laureate head of Commodus, right L Κ[ head of Hermes, right, crowned with lotus(?); behind, caduceus
IV.4 3579
Egypt Alexandria Commodus Μ ΑΥΡ ΚΟΜΜΟ] ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ ϹΕ (?) laureate head of Commodus, right L Κ[ serpent with head of Sarapis erect, right, wearing kalathos, enfolding stalk of corn(?)