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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 319
Tarraconensis Caesaraugusta Augustus ; Gaius ; Lucius IMP AVG L CAESAR C CAES COS DES three standing figures - Augustus in middle holding simpulum, L. Caesar and C. Caesar beside - all on bases CAESARAVGVSTA II VIR CN DOM AMPIAN C VET LANCIA vexillum between standards (radiate phalerae), on them legionary numbers VI, IIII, X, from l. to r.; all on bases
I 320
Tarraconensis Caesaraugusta Augustus IMP AVGVSTVS (DIVI F) TRIB POTES XX laureate head of Augustus, r. CAESAVGVS CN DOM AMP C VE(T) LAN(C) II VIR priest ploughing with yoke of oxen, r.
I 321
Tarraconensis Caesaraugusta Augustus AVGVSTVS IMP laureate head of Augustus, r. CAESAVGVST CN DO AMP C VET LANC II VIR vexillum on basis