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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 1995
Asia Erythrae Hadrian ΑΥ ΚΑΙ ΝΕΡ ΤΡΑ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟϹ laureate and cuirassed bust of Hadrian, right ΕΡΥΘΡΑΙΕΩΝ ϹΤΡΑ ΚΛ ΕΚΑΤΩ-ΝΥΜΟΥ (in l. field) Demeter standing left, wearing long chiton, holding poppies in right hand and resting on long torch with left hand; on left, altar
III 1996
Asia Erythrae Sabina ϹΑΒΕΙΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ draped bust of Sabina, right ΕΡΥΘΡΑΙ ΕΠΙ ΚΛ ΕΚΑΤΩΝΥ-ΜΟΥ (in r. field) Asclepius standing facing, head left, resting with right hand on serpent-staff
III 1997
Asia Erythrae ΔΗΜΟϹ ΕΡΥΘΡΑΙ head of Demos, right ΕΡΥΘΡΑΙ ΕΠ ΕΚΑΤΩΝΥΜ Athena standing left, holding patera in right hand and resting on shield with left hand; behind, spear