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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 2589
Asia Eucarpia Sabina ϹΑΒΕΙΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ draped bust of Sabina, left, wearing wreath of corn ΕΠΙ ΠΕΔΙΑϹ ϹΕΚΟΥΝΔΗϹ ΕΥΚΑΡΠΕΩΝ Cybele wearing long chiton, kalathos and veil standing facing, her right resting on the head of a lion seated beside her left, her left hanging by her side or resting on a second lion
III 2590
Asia Eucarpia ΔΗΜΟϹ ΕΥΚΑΡΠΕΩΝ laureate and draped bust of Demos, right ΕΠΙΜΕΛΗΘΕΙϹΗϹ ΠΕΔΙΑϹ ϹΕΚΟΥΝΔΗϹ Artemis in long chiton and peplos standing facing, head right, drawing arrow from quiver at her shoulder with her right hand and holding bow in her left; on her right side, stag looking up, and on her left, small cult statue of Cybele (?) to front, wearing kalathos and veil
III 2591
Asia Eucarpia ΕΥΚΑΡΠΕΙΑ turreted and draped bust of City-goddess Eucarpeia, right ΕΠΙ ΠΕΔΙΑϹ ϹΕΚΟΥΝΔΗϹ Tyche standing left, holding rudder in her right hand and cornucopia in left
III 2592
Asia Eucarpia ΒΟΥΛΗ ΕΥΚΑΡΠΕΩΝ veiled bust of Boule, right ΕΠΙ ΠΕΔΙΑϹ ϹΕΚΟΥΝΔΗϹ Hermes naked standing facing, head left, holding purse in right hand and caduceus in left
III 2593
Asia Eucarpia ΕΥΚΑΡΠΕΩΝ bare-headed draped bust of Hermes, right, caduceus behind neck ΕΠΙ ΠΕΔΙΑϹ ϹΕΚΟΥΝΔΗϹ bucranium surmounted by crescent above which are two stars, one above the other