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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 1012
Asia Smyrna ΑΝΘΥΠΑΤΩ ΦΡΟΝΤΕΙΝΩ ϹΤΡΑΤΗΓΟϹ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ Zeus seated, left, holding Nike and sceptre ΕΠΙ ϹΤΕ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ ΘΥΓΑΤΡΟϹ ΤΟΥ ΔΗΜΟΥ ΖΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ two Nemeses standing facing each other, holding bridle and yard
II 1013
Asia Smyrna ΑΝΘΥ ΦΡΟΝΤΕΙΝΩ ΖΜΥΡ draped bust of Cybele, right ΕΠΙ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ ϹΤΡΑ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ Amazon Smyrna standing, left, with spear and double axe
II 1014
Asia Smyrna ΑΝΘΥ ΦΡΟΝΤΕΙΝΩ ΖΜΥΡ bearded head of Heracles, right ΕΠΙ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ river god reclining left, holding reed and resting arm on urn
II 1015
Asia Smyrna ΖΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ Semele seated, left, on throne, holding infant Dionysus; statuette of Dionysus to left ΕΠΙ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ prow, right
II 1016
Asia Smyrna ΕΠΙ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ humped bull, right ΖΜΥΡ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ Nike advancing right, with trophy on shoulder
II 1017
Asia Smyrna ΖΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ bee ΕΠΙ ΜΥΡΤΟΥ ΡΗΓΕΙΝΟϹ dolphin, right