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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 1837
Moesia Tomis Nero ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙ(ϹΑ) laureate head of Nero, right ΤΟΜΙ, ΕΠΙϹΤΡΑ temple with four columns
I 1838
Moesia Tomis veiled head of Demeter, right; before, ear of corn ΤΟΜΙ, ΕΠΙ between two torches
I 1839
Moesia Tomis head of Hermes, right ΤΟΜΙ, ΕΠΙ winged caduceus
I 1840
Moesia Tomis Nero ]ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ laureate head of Nero (?) ΤΟΜΙ, [Ε]ΠΙΣΤΡ[ temple with four columns with eagle inside
I 1841
Moesia Tomis helmeted head of Roma, right ΤΟΜΙ, ΕΠΙΣΤΡΑΤΟΥ shield between caps of Dioscuri