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IV.2 1879 (temporary)
Colossae  Phrygia Asia (conventus of Cibyra)
Α ΚΑΙ Λ ΑΥΡ ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹ; bare head of Commodus (youthful), right
Π ΑΙΛ ΚΤΗϹΙΚΛΗϹ ΑΝΕΘΗΚΕ ΚΟΛΟϹϹΗΝΩΝ; cult statue of Artemis of Ephesus standing, facing, wearing kalathos, having supports; between two stags
vA Phryg. II, 565 1
IV.2 1896 (temporary)
Colossae  Phrygia Asia (conventus of Cibyra)
Æ (31 mm) 16.34 g. 178–180
ΔΗΜΟϹ ΚΟΛΟϹϹΗΝΩΝ; laureate head of the Demos (youthful), right
Π ΑΙΛ ΚΤΗϹΙΚΛΗϹ ΑΝΕΘΗΚΕΝ; nude and radiate-headed Helios standing, facing, head, left, wearing chlamys, holding torch and globe
vA Phryg. II, 484–6, KM 261, no. 7, Martin, Demos, Colossae 5 6
IV.2 1884 (temporary)
Colossae  Phrygia Asia (conventus of Cibyra)
Æ (26 mm) 12.25 g. 178–180
ΚΡΙϹΠΕΙΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ; draped bust of Crispina, right
ΚΤΗϹΙΚΛΗϹ ΚΟΛΟϹϹΗΝΩΝ; Zeus (Lydios) standing, left, holding eagle and long sceptre
vA Phryg. II, 580, KM 261, no. 6 1