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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 2232
Judaea Gaba Titus ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑ ΤΙΤΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑ laureate head of Titus, r. ΚΛΑΥΔΙ ΦΙΛΙΠ ΓΑΒΗΝW, ΡΛϚ (to l.) Zeus naked standing, l., drapery hanging on his l. arm, holding a long sceptre in his r. hand
II 2232AA
Judaea Gaba Vespasian ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙϹ ΟΥΕϹΠΑϹΙΑΝΟϹ ϹΕΒΑϹ laureate head of Vespasian, l. ΚΛΑΥΔΙΕWΝ ΦΙΛΙΠ ΓΑΒΗΝW, ΡΛϚ Tyche standing, l. holding sceptre and cornucopia
II 2233
Judaea Gaba Domitian ΑΥΤ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ laureate head of Domitian, r. ΓΑΒΗΝWΝ, ΡΛϚ (to l.) Mên wearing tunic, standing facing, looking l., holding a long sceptre in his r. hand; crescent in upper field r.
II 2234
Judaea Gaba ΦΛΑ ΟΥ(?) ϹΕΒΑϹ veiled female head to r. ΓΑΒΗ, ΡΛϚ (to l.) Nike standing, l., holding wreath