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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 2885
Asia Cibyra Tiberius ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ bare head of Tiberius, right ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩ, Ρ Zeus standing, left, with thunderbolt and sceptre; to left, palm, caduceus
I 2886
Asia Cibyra Livia ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ draped bust of Livia, right ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ, Ρ Zeus seated, left, with eagle and sceptre
I 2886AA
Asia Cibyra Livia ΣΕΒΑ[ ] draped bust of Livia, right ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤω temple with four columns enclosing tripod
I 2887
Asia Cibyra Lucius Arruntius ΑΡΡΩΝΤΙΩΣ bare head of Lucius Arruntius), right ΚΙΒΥΡΑΤΩΝ Ρ inscription in wreath