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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 4456
Syria Claudia Leucas Mark Antony head of Antony, right ΒΑΛΑΝΕΩΤΩΝ, ΑϘϹΥ (in field), ΔΙ (under forelegs of the quadriga) quadriga, left, with god wearing tiara
I 4457
Syria Claudia Leucas veiled bust of Tyche, right ΒΑΛΑΝΕΩΤΩΝ, ΑΙΖΗ or ΑϘϹΥ (in field), ΔΙ (in exergue) Nike standing left, with wreath and palm
I 4458
Syria Claudia Leucas radiate head, right ΒΑΛΑΝΕΩΤΩΝ, ΑϘϹΥ (to l.) cornucopia
I 4459
Syria Claudia Leucas bust of Hermes with caduceus, right ΒΑΛΑΝΕΩΤΩΝ, ΙΑΠΖ (?) (to l.) ear of corn