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I 4208
Antioch  Syria Syria
Æ (20 mm) 7.42 g. year 10 (57/56 BC)
laureate head of Zeus, right
ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ ΤΗΣ (to r., downwards in two lines) ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ (to l., downwards), Ι; Zeus seated left, holding Nike and sceptre
McAlee 33 1
I 4209
Antioch  Syria Syria
Æ (13 mm) 2.12 g. year 10 (57/56 BC)
bust of Artemis, right, quiver at shoulder
ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ ΤΗΣ (to r., downwards) ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ (to l., downwards), Ι; Apollo, standing left, holding laurel branch in right hand, leaning on column
McAlee 78 1