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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.3 10309 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis Zeus seated, l., holding Nike and long sceptre; five-pointed star between Nike and Zeus ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ ΘΚϹ Male bearded figure (Aratos the astronomer?), facing, head, r.
IV.3 10310 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis Apollo standing, l., holding laurel-branch, resting lyre on column ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ ΘΚϹ draped bust of Athena, r.
IV.3 5841 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis Pompey ΓΝ ΠοΜΠΗΙοϹ head of Pompey, r. ΠΟΜΠƐΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ ΘΚϹ turreted and veiled Tyche seated, l., resting foot on swimming river-god; Tyche's seat decorated with sphinx
IV.3 10307 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis Pompey ΓΝ ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟϹ head of Pompey, r. ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΝ Dionysus (youthful) standing, l., holding cantharus over panther and long thyrsus
IV.3 5840 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis ΘΚϹ draped bust of Chrysippos, r., touching beard with hand ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ draped bust of Aratos, r., looking upward
IV.3 17500 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis ΧΡΥⳞΙΠΠΟⳞ draped bust of Chrysippos, r. ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ Asclepius standing facing, head l., holding caduceus; to r., serpent-entwined tree
IV.3 10311 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis ΘΚϹ galley, l. ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ two bunches of grapes on stalk shaped as thyrsus
IV.3 5839 (temporary)
Cilicia Pompeiopolis ΘΚϹ star with eight rays ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛƐΙΤΩΝ bunch of grapes on stalk