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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.2 1518 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea ϹΤΡΑΤοΝΕΙΚΕωΝ nude Bellerophon standing, left, holding bridle of Pegasus, galloping, left ϹΤΡΑΤοΝΕΙΚΕωΝ decorated and lighted altar; between two torches
IV.2 9236 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΕΙΚΕΩΝ Nike advancing, left, holding wreath and palm-branch ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΕΙΚΕΩΝ in laurel wreath
IV.2 1522 (temporary)
Asia Stratonicea diademed head of Heracles (bearded), right ϹΤΡΑΤΟΝΙΚΕωΝ club covered with lion skin