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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.2 3304 (temporary)
Asia Aegae ϹVΝΚΛΗΤοϹ draped bust of the Senate (youthful), r. ΑΙΓΑΕΩΝ Athena standing, l., holding Nike, resting arm on shield; beside, spear
IV.2 1770 (temporary)
Asia Aegae turreted and draped bust of the Tyche, r. ΑΙΓΑƐΩΝ Athena standing, l., holding patera (over altar) and spear; beside, shield
IV.2 3305 (temporary)
Asia Aegae ΙƐΡΑ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟϹ draped bust of the Senate (youthful), r. ΑΙΓΑƐΩΝ lyre
IV.2 3308 (temporary)
Asia Aegae bust of Heracles (bearded) wearing lion skin around neck, r. ΑΙΓΑƐΩΝ nude Harpocrates standing, l., wearing pschent headdress, raising r. hand to mouth, holding cornucopia
IV.2 1771 (temporary)
Asia Aegae draped bust of Sarapis wearing kalathos, r. ΑΙΓΑƐΩΝ river-god (Titnaios) reclining, l., holding long reed, resting on water-urn