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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 1042
Asia Teos ΘƐΟΝ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟΝ bust of Senate, r. ΤΗΙΩΝ Dionysus standing, l., holding cantharus and thyrsus; below, griffin
II 1043
Asia Teos head of Silenus, r. ΤΗΙΩΝ temple with four columns, enclosing Dionysus standing, l., with cantharus and thyrsus; (? to l., griffin)
II 1044
Asia Teos ΘƐΑΝ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤΟΝ draped bust of Senate, r. ΤΗΙΩΝ male figure standing, l., holding branch (?) and ? over head
II 1045
Asia Teos cista, thyrsus and Silenus head ΤΗΙΩΝ griffin seated, r.; cista in front
II 1046
Asia Teos head of Dionysus, r.; before, thyrsus ΤΗΙΩΝ grapes
II 1047
Asia Teos helmeted head of Athena, r. ΤΗΙΩΝ Silenus on donkey, r., holding thyrsus