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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 3866
Syria Sidon Trajan ΑΥΤΟ ΝΕΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΩ ΚΑΙ laureate head of Trajan, right, with drapery on left shoulder ΣΙΔΩΝΟΣ ΝΑΥΑΡΧΙΔΟΣ (in double arc r.) Cadmus advancing left on prow, looking back, pointing forward with his extended right hand, holding cloak about his waist with his left; in left field, L ΖΚΣ
III 3867
Syria Sidon Trajan radiate and draped bust of Trajan (seen from rear), right ΣΙΔΩΝΟΣ ΘΕΑΣ Europa on bull galloping right; in right field, ΖΚΣ