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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 3353AA
Cilicia Aegeae Aelius [ ]ΚΑΙⳞΑΡ bare-headed bust of L. Aelius, r. [ ]ΑΙϹ ΤΡΑΙΑΝ ΑΔΡΙ[ ], ΔΠΡ, ΑΙΓƐΑΙⲰΝ Emperor standing facing, head l., holding patera and sceptre; to l., altar (?)
III 3353
Cilicia Aegeae Hadrian ΑΥ[ ] ϹΑΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟϹ ΑΔΡ[ ] laureate head of Hadrian, r. Λ ΑΙΛΙΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΑΙΓΕΑΙΩΝ, ΕΠΙ ΠΑΥΛΕΙΝΟΥ, ΔΠΡ (in field) Aelius (?) riding r., his r. hand raised