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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
IV.3 5730 (temporary)
Cilicia Isaura Faustina I ΘΕΑ ΦΑΥϹΤΕΙΝΑ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ ΙϹΑΥΡΙΩΝ draped bust of the deified Faustina I, right Μ ΓΑΛ ΑΝ[ΤωΝΕΙΝΟϹ?] [ΑΥΤΟΚ]ΡΑΤΟΡΟϹ ΑΝΤωΝΕ[ΙΝΟΥ] ΥΙΟϹ bare-headed bust of Galerius Antoninus wearing paludamentum, right
VI 6854 (temporary)
Cilicia Isaura Julia Mamaea ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΜΑΜΕΑ draped bust of Julia Mamaea, right ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ ΙϹΑΥΡΩΝ Artemis standing facing, head left, holding bow and resting on long sceptre