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Vol. Province Region City Issue Dating Magistrates Denomination Person(s) Obv. inscription Obv. design Rev. inscription Rev. design Reference Note Internal note Coin Number Museum Inventory Number Bibliography Weight Diameter Axis Quantity Obv. die Rev. die Obv. cmks Rev. cmks Note Obv. img Rev. img Plate Uri link
I 514 Gallia Lugdunensis Gaul Lugdunum 38 BC? Leaded bronze (31 mm) Octavian ; G. Julius Caesar IMP CAESAR DIVI F DIVI IVLI laureate head of Caesar, l., and bare head of Octavian, r. COPIA prow, with a dolphin; above, meta FITA 207, Giard 5–6 RPC I, 514/24-25 were transferred to type 514A. axis: var. 22 Lyon Verbe Incarné 256 19.6 1 no no no [show] [edit]