Province Egypt
City Alexandria 
Region Egypt
Reign Trajan
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΤΡΑΙΑΝ ϹΕΒ ΓΕΡΜ ΔΑΚΙΚ
Obverse design laureate bust of Trajan, right, nude and with aegis on left shoulder
Reverse inscription ϹΕΒΕΝΝΥΤΗϹ, L Ι[Γ?]
Reverse design Onuris-Shu standing, right, wearing military dress and helmet, holding spear in left hand, and parazonium in right hand; oryx, right, at his feet in right field

Coin no. 1 of RPC III, 6475


Museum American Numismatic Society, New York (USA)
Inventory no. 1944.100.61402
Reference Geissen & Weber, ZPE 158, 2006, fig. 11 p. 298
Diameter 33.7
Weight 21.16
Axis 12
Note inverted description of the rev. type; year 14 for Geissen & Weber, but the date might be L ΙΓ
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