Province Bithynia-Pontus
City Bithynium Claudiopolis 
Region Bithynia
Reign Hadrian
Obverse inscription Η ΠΑΤΡΙϹ ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΝ ΘΕΟΝ
Obverse design draped bust, bare head, of Antinous, r.
Reverse inscription ΒΕΙΘΥΝΙΕΩΝ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΩΝ
Reverse design Antinous as Hermes Nomios, with short chiton and chlamys standing l., his r. hand raised, holding pedum in his l.; behind him, ox to l.; in l. field, star

Coin no. 4 of RPC III, 1111


Reference Lanz 24, 24 Apr.1983, lot 568 (ex Baranowsky, Catalogo a prezzi segnati fissi II and III, 1929, lot 1319; Ratto, Giorgi coll., 22–29 Jan. 1955, lot 688), 39.56 ( = von Mosch 2-4)