Province Bithynia-Pontus
City Amisus 
Region Pontus
Reign Trajan
Obverse inscription ΘΕΟΥ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟΥ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟΥ
Obverse design Nike walking left, holding wreath in right hand and palm on left shoulder
Reverse inscription ΑΜΙϹΟΥ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΑϹ ΕΤ(ΟΥϹ) ΡΚΘ
Reverse design Amisus standing right facing Roma standing left, holding patera in her extended right hand, spear and shield with her left

Coin no. 8 of RPC III, 1232


Museum American Numismatic Society, New York (USA)
Inventory no. 1944.100.41343
Weight 9.04
Axis 6
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