Province Egypt
City Alexandria 
Region Egypt
Reign Antoninus Pius
Obverse inscription Μ ΑΥΡΗΛΙ(Ο)Ϲ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ
Obverse design bare-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius (short beard) wearing paludamentum, left
Reverse inscription L ΚΒ
Reverse design Nilus, with crocodile beside him, reclining left, holding reed and cornucopia

Coin no. 2 of RPC IV.4, 2065


Reference DS 9026 = Naville Numismatics 79, 12 Feb. 2023, lot 323
Diameter 24.4
Weight 13.09
External URI|5224|323|275cf58d6fb8fe01072be5310e6ab76f