Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Ephesus
City Ephesus 
Region Ionia
Reign Marcus Aurelius
Obverse inscription [ΑΥ ΚΑΙ ΛοΥΚΙοϹ ΑΥΡ οΥΗΡοϹ]
Obverse design laureate-headed bust of Lucius Verus wearing cuirass, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription [ΕΦΕ]ϹΙΩΝ Β ΝΕ ΜΕΙΛΗϹΙΩΝ [
Reverse design to left, cult statue of Artemis of Ephesus standing, facing, wearing kalathos, having supports; between two stags; to right, cult statue of nude Apollo Didymeus standing, left, holding stag and bow


Museum Milet Museum, Balat (Turkey)
Inventory no. M82166,01
Reference Baldus, Didyma 638, pl. 4
Diameter 35
Weight 25.54