Province Gallia Narbonensis
City Nemausus 
Region Gaul
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription IMP DIVI F P P
Obverse design inscription above and below heads of Agrippa to l. and Augustus to r. back to back; Agrippa wears a rostral crown combined with a laurel wreath; Augustus wears a laurel wreath
Reverse inscription COL NEM
Reverse design inscription to l. and r. of a palm to which a crocodile is chained; above palm, wreath with long ties

Coin no. 30 of RPC I, 526c


Museum Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (UK)
Inventory no. CM.G.298-R
Reference P. Villemur, M. Blet-Lemarquand, D. Baux p. 182, no. 11 and p. 183, fig. 1
Diameter 27
Weight 12.37
Axis 12
Note 34 mm with the leg (brocken)
Addition Additional coin (post publication)