Province Egypt
City Alexandria 
Region Egypt
Reign Nero
Obverse inscription ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒ ΓΕΡ ΑV
Obverse design radiate head of Nero with 'steps' hairstyle, r.
Reverse inscription ΠΟΠΠΑΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ, LΙΒ
Reverse design bust of Poppaea, r.

Coin no. 1 of RPC I, 5289A


Reference Kreuzer coll., ex DS pl. 7, 199 = Naville 51, 21 July 2019, lot 301
Diameter 24
Weight 7.83
Note The date does look like L ΙΒ, but the coin is very battered. Confirmation required.