Province Achaea
City Corinth 
Region Corinthia
Reign Galba
Obverse inscription SVL GAL(VAE) CAE (or CAE) AVG (or AVG) IMP
Obverse design bare head of Galba, right
Reverse inscription L CAN(I) AGRIPPAE IIVI(R) COR
Reverse design Victory holding wreath and palm, left

Coin no. 43 of RPC I, 1215


Reference NAC 100, 29 May 2017, lot 1170 (ex Santamaria, Signorelli coll., 4 June 1952, lot 1218)
Diameter 20.1
Weight 7.39
External URI|1935|1170|1e25f537ddbc0545b5999ea614a78ca1 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)