Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Cibyra
City Eriza 
Region Phrygia
Reign Commodus
Obverse inscription ΑV Λ ΑVΡ ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΑΝΤΟΝƐΙΝ(sic)
Obverse design laureate-headed bust of Commodus wearing cuirass and paludamentum, r., seen from rear
Reverse inscription ΓΡΑ ΤΙ ΚΛΑVΔΙΟ[V?] ΠΑΡΔΑΛ[Α?] ƐΡΙΖΗΝΩΝ (Ζ reversed)
Reverse design Apollo-Tyrimnaios on horseback, r., wearing radiate crown, naked but for chlamys, holding double axe


Reference Lanz 150 (13/12/2010), 320 = Gorny & Mosch 195 (07/03/2011), 338
Diameter 31
Weight 15.42
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