Province Cappadocia
City Neocaesarea 
Region Pontus
Reign Marcus Aurelius
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟϹ ϹΕΒ (Αs with curved crossbar)
Obverse design laureate-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius wearing cuirass, right
Reverse inscription ΑΔΡ[ ] ΝΕΟΚΕϹΑΡΕΩΝ ΝΕΟ(Κ) ΜΗ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΝΤΟΥ ΕΤ ϞΗ (?, Α with curved crossbar)
Reverse design nude Dioscuri standing, facing each other, above each head, star; each holding spear and bridle of horse; horses facing each other, each raising one fore-hoof


Museum Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara (Turkey)
Inventory no. Inv. 19-28/26-95
Reference Çizmeli 8, pl. I
Diameter 29
Weight 13.92
Axis 12