Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Pergamum
City Hierocaesarea 
Region Lydia
Reign Marcus Aurelius
Obverse inscription ΙƐΡΑ ϹΥΝΚΛΗΤοϹ
Obverse design draped bust of the Senate (youthful), r.
Reverse inscription ƐΠΙ Α[ΡΧ Π ϹƐΞ?] ΦΙΛ[ΙΠΠ]ΟΥ [Τ Β] ΙƐΡΟΚΑΙϹΑΡ[Ɛ]ΩΝ (Ξ probably shaped as Ζ)
Reverse design in centre, biga standing, l.; within, Artemis Persica standing, r.; to r., turreted Tyche standing, l., holding long sceptre, clasping hands with Artemis; to l., nude Perseus leading horses, r., head, l., holding harpa(?)


Museum British Museum, London (UK)
Inventory no. BMC 20
Reference LS 19, no. 40 = GRPCL Hierocaesarea 57 = Hochard 684a, pl. 34, both sides with traces of tooling
Diameter 39
Weight 26.73
Axis 6