Province Thrace
City Anchialus 
Region Thrace
Reign Antoninus Pius
Obverse inscription Μ ΑVΡΗΛ[ΙΟϹ Ο]VΗΡΟϹ [ΚΑΙϹΑΡ]
Obverse design bare-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius (lightly bearded - short beard) wearing paludamentum, r.
Reverse inscription ΑΝΧΙΑΛΕΩΝ
Reverse design veiled Demeter seated on cista mystica, l., wearing stephane, holding ears of corn and long torch; around cista, serpent coiling, l.


Museum National Archaeological Museum, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Inventory no. coll. Abramov
Reference AMNG 426, pl. VI.11 (rev.), cast at the Griechisches Münzwerk, Berlin
Diameter 25