Province Syria Palaestina
City Aelia Capitolina 
Region Judaea
Reign Antoninus Pius
Obverse inscription IMP C HAD ANT A P (all As shaped as Λ)
Obverse design bare-headed bust of Antoninus Pius wearing cuirass and paludamentum, right
Reverse inscription CO AE CAP (all As shaped as Λ)
Reverse design temple with six columns and rounded pediment enclosing statue of turreted Fortuna/Tyche-Astarte standing with foot on uncertain object, left, holding human bust and long sceptre


Museum Staatliche Münzsammlung, Munich (Germany)
Inventory no. 6
Reference Meshorer, Aelia Capitolina 10, pl. 73, struck on a square flan: 38mm diagonally
Weight 24.18
Axis 12