Province Bithynia-Pontus
City Prusias ad Hypium 
Region Bithynia
Reign Uncertain
Obverse inscription ΑΝΝΕΑ ΦΑΥSΤΙΝΑ(sic)
Obverse design draped bust of Faustina II, right
Reverse inscription ΠΡΟΥϹΙΕΩΝ ΠΡΟϹ ΥΠΙΩ
Reverse design nude Dionysus advancing, left, carrying bunch of grapes in raised right hand, holding a second bunch of grapes and nebris in lowered left hand; at his feet, panther(?) walking, left


Museum Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris (France)
Inventory no. 1582
Reference Rec 22, pl. CIV.7, obverse as 'Faustina I'
Diameter 21
Weight 4.92
Axis 6
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