Province Macedonia
City Thessalonica 
Region Macedonia
Reign Commodus
Obverse inscription
Obverse design nude Pan (youthful) advancing, r., carrying pedum over shoulder and nebris; to l., syrinx (or letter D); to r., crescent surmounted by star
Reverse inscription ΘƐϹϹΑΛΟΝΙΚƐΩΝ
Reverse design in laurel wreath; between, laurel endings, small eagle, facing


Museum National Archaeological Museum, Parma (Italy)
Inventory no. 2063, obverse with letter D
Reference Touratsoglou, Pseudoautonomen III C, 2 (Commodus), pl. 48 (V2, R2) = AMNG 30, pl. XXIII.20 (obv.)
Diameter 17
Weight 2.31
Axis 8