Province Africa Proconsularis
City Achulla 
Region Africa
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription AVG PONT MAX, C L (in field under Augustus's head)
Obverse design bare head of Augustus, left; in front, bare head of Gaius, r; behind, bare head of Lucius, left
Reverse inscription L VOLVSIVS SATVR ACHVL
Reverse design bare head of Saturninus, right

Coin no. 4 of RPC I, 800


Reference Auctiones 15, P. Bastien coll., 1985, lot 400 = CNG Triton XI, P. Villemur coll., 8 Jan. 2008, lot 554 = Künker 396, 13 Nov. 2023, lot 1014
Diameter 32
Weight 10.38
Axis 3
External URI|265|554|097baa43310fb042fd543aa2b09ad286 
Correction Corrected coin (post publication)